Prabitha joined ZSI as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in a multi-institutional Long-Term Monitoring Project

Prabitha Mohan, the first Ph.D. student of the lab, worked passionately on manipulative parasitoids, published two excellent papers, and later joined the COVID lab of the University, has been selected as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in a multi-institutional long-term project monitored by the Indian Institute of Science. She has joined Dr. K.A. Subramaniam’s lab in Zoological Survey of India, Chennai! We wish her the best!

Our Oikos paper on Nectar Robbing Published!

Robbed Leucas aspera flowers with mutilated lower petal

Nectar robbing was fascinating ecologists for about 50 years now! We, however, for the first time show that a short-tongued bee robbing, damaging, and defacing the flower so much so that it deters legitimate pollinators away! See the article here

See the video abstracts below:

A short video
A long video

Who and what manipulates the behavior of the host parasitized by a manipulative parasitoid?

Prabitha publishes her new research on her pet animal, manipulative parasitoids. Although there are several hypothesis provided on who and what manipulates the behavior of a host parasitised by a manipulative parasitoid, it is still an unresolved mystery. Prabitha have clues for the viral transmission from the parasitoid to host and suspects that viral particles might have a role in manipulating the host. See her new paper just appeared in Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata here

Local deities and conservation!

Our new research finds that the deity type and the reverence given to the deity affect the decision making of conservation of sacred groves. Groves with fearful deities receive more protection and local vigilance from local people. See the paper published in Land Use Policy here