A new genus of parasitic wasp from sacred groves!

Several individuals of a new species of a parasitic wasp (Anokha nigra) were discovered from the leaf litter of sacred groves of Kammadam Sacred grove in Kasaragod District of Kerala State in India! The inventory shows the rich biodiversity harbors in the sacred groves of India. Parasitic wasps are important functional guilds of forest floor having a great role in biological control of insect pests.

See the paper here


Heronry birds abandon their ages old nesting trees in Kannur

Roshnath and his ornithologist friends report that the heronry birds are abandoning their ages old nesting trees in Kannur District! Thanks to the poor town planning and development! However, it is welcome that the District administration is showing great interest to increase the awareness about heronry bird nesting in Kannur joining hands with the bird watchers of the town.

Prabitha receives travel grant

Prabitha has received a travel grant from Science Engineering Research Board, Government of India, New Delhi to attend the Ento 2017 (Entomological Networks: Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution) meeting to be held at New Castle University, UK. She will be giving a talk presentation. Congratulations Prabitha!!

Merida, Mexico: Manoj, Sinu, Asha

Manoj attended the 54th Annual Meeting of the Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) at Merida, Mexico (9-14 July 2017); he gave a talk presentation on 12 July 2016 on his research on leaf litter insect community

Sinu gave a lecture on leaf cutter bee – plant interactions in the 54th ATBC meeting at Merida, Mexico on 13 July 2017

Asha presented a poster on diurnal ecology of dung beetles in the 54th ATBC meeting at Merida, Mexico on 10 July 2017

Asha attended the GIAN workshop on molecular taxonomy at Mizoram University. She finds it was the best workshop she ever attended that dealt the subject deeply from the basics to the advanced molecular analysis.

Asha wants to share her experience on GIAN workshop

I had a great experience attending the GIAN International workshop on Molecular Entomology and Molecular Phylogeny and Next-Generation Sequencing, jointly organized by the department of Zoology and Biotechnology, Mizoram University from 19-28 June 2017. It was a great chance to listen Prof. Wenqing Zhang from Sun Yatsen University on applications of molecular tools for insect pest management, gene silencing, insecticide resistance and transgenic crops. For me, it was worth meeting Prof. Alfried Vogler who is a beetle specialist. I was inspired from his talks on DNA taxonomy, barcoding and phylogenetics. Also I got a chance to discuss with him on my research work. In short the workshop was worth attending and I had an enriching experience.

Prabitha publishes her most exciting behavioural ecology paper!

Prabitha found a great place to publish her most exciting behavioural ecology paper! See her paper in PlosOne here. 20 days passed, over 800 peoples downloaded the paper! She joined my lab after fascinated by a natgeo video and brought the idea to my lab. Her research demonstrated for the first time a specialized hyperparasitoid wasp was targeted by the manipulated host larva. See a news article based on this research here.