Navya K K

Project Fellow

In 2015 I joined as a project fellow in Sinu’s lab, where I got introduced to the world of insects. I was interested in the field of ecology while doing MSc. And I had done my MSc dissertation in diversity of birds in Kuruva Island,Wayanad. Before I joined this lab, I was unaware about the astonishing diversity among insect fauna. I was not trained in insect taxonomy. But now I have basic idea about the collection, sampling, and identification of insects to the Orders and to certain extent to families. I am more fascinated about the prominent ecological role of these little creatures. Our lab members work as a team and this helps everyone a lot to explore other’s field of research.

Even though I study insects, spiders are my first love and this group set me towards the path of ecology in the first place. Currently I am working on the project “habitat management for sustaining biodiversity and ecosystem functions in production landscapes of Western Ghats.

National seminars attended:

  • Seminar on Perspective on the history and philosophy of science (2010),Nirmalagiri college Seminar on Faunal diversity of kerala(2012),Pazhassiraja NSS college
  • National Faunal diversity congress(2012),Kannur university campus
  • Indian Bee Course(2015),Central University of kerala
  • Insect Biodiversity studies where does india stand in the global map?(2016),central university of kerala
  • National conference on genetics of human disease(2016),central university of kerala