Sangeetha Varma V M

PhD scholar


Mob:    +91 9895180699

Since from my post-graduation onwards, I am associated with Central University of Kerala. I did my MSc. in Animal science in CUK and subsequently I enrolled for integrated Mphil-PhD programme under the guidance of Dr.P A Sinu, which gave me the opportunity to enter into the world of insects.

During my Mphil period, I have done the phylogenetic analysis of the Onthophagus dung beetles from Northern Kerala region. Later, I enrolled for PhD on June 2014. I am broadly interested on biology, ecology, bee taxonomy and molecular evolutionary mechanisms, and now I am doing PhD in pollination ecology of plants.

I use herbaceous plant community of seasonal tropical region to understand their importance in sustaining pollinators. I have got an interesting system of three Malvaceae plant species to test the hypothesis that the plant species in a given community facilitate rather than compete for pollinators.


  • Central University of Kerala Merit Scholarship, 2010-2012
  • Third rank in MSc. Animal science, Central University of Kerala
  • Awarded Kerala State Council for Science and Technology PhD Fellowship, 2014
  • Qualified Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE- Life sciences)-2017


  • Ecological Society of America
  • British Ecological Society


  • Anusree., C.Abhina.,P.P.Lishiba.,T.V.Rasna., Sangeetha Varma and Palatty allesh Sinu., Flower sex expression in cucurbit crops of Kerala:Implications for pollination and fruitset.curr.sci.,2015,109,2229-2302.
  • Sneha S. Kambli., M. S. Aiswarya.,K. Manoj.,Sangeetha Varma., G. Asha.,T. P. Rajesh and Palatty allesh sinu., Leaf foraging sources of leafcutter bees in a tropical environment: implications for conservationApidologie,2017, 10.1007/s13592-016-0490-2
  • Palatty Allesh Sinu.,Sangeetha Varma.,U.Prashanth Ballullaya.,G.Asha and Prabitha Mohan (2016).Natural history and behavioral ecology of bees.In Palatty Allesh Sinu and K.R.Shivanna(Ed.),Mutualistic interactions between flowering plants and animals (pp.50-70).Manipal University Press.

Conferences/ workshops/seminars attended: 

  • Selected for Oral presentationat 2017 ESA Annual  meeting to be held during        06/08/2017 to 11/08/2017 at Portland, Oregon on the topic ‘Facilitation not competition in plant-pollinator mutualisms: staggered diurnal flower blooming period in three Malvacean species supports facilitation hypothesis
  • Attended and presented a poster in Indian Biodiversity Congress on 9-12 march 2017 at Pondicherry University on the topic Importance of weeds in sustaining the pollinators.
  • Post conference workshop in Biostatistics: An introduction to R, 1st march to 3rd March 2016, Department of Animal science, Central university of Kerala.
  • Insect biodiversity studies: Where does India stand in the global map-29th-31st march 2016-Joint conference of Department of Animal science, Entomological society of India and Prof. T C Narendran Trust for animal taxonomy
  • National Workshop on Pollination ecology- A practical approach– 14-16 January 2016, Department of Zoology, Government College Kodanchery, Calicut.
  • Workshop on Pollination of flowers by insects from ecology to chemistry and Behavior, 9-13 January 2016, IISER Trivandrum.
  • Indian bee course, 10-14 August 2015, Department of Animal science, Central
  • University of Kerala
  • Training Programme on Taxonomy of bees and other pollinators, 29th December 2014- 3rd January 2015, Department of Entomology, University of Agricultural sciences, Bangalore.
  • National symposium on Human-wildlife conflict or co-existence: What we want?– 15th October 2014, Department of Animal science, Central University of Kerala
  • National workshop on Concepts and practices in Ecology of plant- animal
  • InteractionsMay 20-27, 2014, Department of Animal science, Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod, Kerala.