A new genus of parasitic wasp from sacred groves!

Several individuals of a new species of a parasitic wasp (Anokha nigra) were discovered from the leaf litter of sacred groves of Kammadam Sacred grove in Kasaragod District of Kerala State in India! The inventory shows the rich biodiversity harbors in the sacred groves of India. Parasitic wasps are important functional guilds of forest floor having a great role in biological control of insect pests.

See the paper here


Heronry birds abandon their ages old nesting trees in Kannur

Roshnath and his ornithologist friends report that the heronry birds are abandoning their ages old nesting trees in Kannur District! Thanks to the poor town planning and development! However, it is welcome that the District administration is showing great interest to increase the awareness about heronry bird nesting in Kannur joining hands with the bird watchers of the town.

Prabitha receives travel grant

Prabitha has received a travel grant from Science Engineering Research Board, Government of India, New Delhi to attend the Ento 2017 (Entomological Networks: Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution) meeting to be held at New Castle University, UK. She will be giving a talk presentation. Congratulations Prabitha!!