Behavioral ecology

We agree that human behaviour is very complex! We agree this because we do not know the behaviour of other creatures! Or we are reluctant to appreciate the behaviour of other animals and plants. When we started working on biotic interactions within animals and between animals and plants, we understood that behaviour of each party is very crucial for a successful mutualistic or antagonistic interaction.

Sinu and Sangeetha are interested in studying the behaviour of the plants! They study how the flowering phenology tunes the pollinators to dance for them!

Prabitha studies the manipulative behaviour of the parasitoid insects. She finds it is a very complex behaviour because one organism is tuning other animal for its protection from natural enemies. She is presently interested in investigating the molecular and biochemical basis of this novel interaction between the three animal species.

Roshnath studies the nesting behaviour of the heronry birds! Roshnath is the bird face of our lab! He is also interested in snakes and other small vertebrates! He studies the nesting ecology of heronry birds in Malabar region of Kerala in collaboration with the citizen science program.

Neethu and Sinu follow marked bees to study their behaviour, punctuality, legitimacy, and faithfulness to the plants!