K. Manoj

Ph.D. Student (Pre-submission synopsis submitted)


I fall in loving insects from my childhood days. I was keen observing and following them everywhere I see them. Being a tropical resident, I was fortunate to have many insects and other invertebrates in my own house, garden, and orchard. Perhaps, this would have attracted me to do my research on insects and their ecology. After my bachelor degree I joined Central University of Kerala for studying M.Sc. in Animal Science. The eminent faculty, facilities, field-oriented course, and the study materials further nurtured my interest in ecological studies. I did my M.Sc. dissertation with Dr. Sinu. I studied the plant-animal interactions in Ficus trees of the avenues of Malabar region for my M.Sc. dissertation. I am working on an interesting article on this research now. After my M.Sc., I joined Sinu in his project to examine the conservation value of sacred groves by studying the little things, nothing but the insects, their functional diversity.

Sacred groves although were plenty near my home town, I never imagined that they were conserving a great diversity of insects. I survey insects from sacred grove of Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra for my research.

I was so excited to present my very preliminary research findings with the audience of ATBC meeting at Merida, Mexico very recently. Merida meeting gave me a fantastic opportunity to know more about the tropical biology and the current direction of the ecology research in tropics.


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