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Neethu Sinu

At present, I am interested in following bees to study their behaviour, punctuality, legitimacy, and faithfulness to the flowers. Currently, I am following the leaf cutter bees and carpenter bees. I am interested in environmental education, literature and music.

Research papers:

Sinu, P. A., Sinu, N., & Chandrashekara, K. (2012). Ecology and population structure of a terrestrial mycoheterotrophic orchid, Aphyllorchis montana Rchb. f.(Orchidaceae) in Soppinabetta forests of the Western Ghats, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa 4: 2915-2919.

Sinu, N., Sinu, P.A. Punctuality, Legitimacy, and faithfulness of a carpenter bee: implications for plant-pollinator interactions. Apidologie (submitted)

Oneema Sinu


I am a budding ecologist! When I was at the Peter Howell Elementary School in Tucson, I was taken to the world of mealworm, bee dances, bee stings. At Arizona Insect festival, I had a chance to touch a gigantic caterpillar. When I returned to India, I am caring my caterpillar friends. I grown a moth caterpillar that I collected from our vine plants. She slept for about one month in June before showing up her face! I found that she was a strong moth! But, see what happened to my pet “bulb” pupa of a butterfly. I was waiting for the butterfly, but, see who came out! My entomologist dad told they are the parasitic insects that killed my butterfly pupa. I grow chilli that my school sent with me.

Ojwas Palatty



I have some reptile genes in me! Sometimes, I walk like a dinosaur. I have a collection of eight snakes, but, all are my toys only. But, I am really scared of the cockroaches. I like martial arts, painting, and caring my sister Oneema!