Our lab is officially collaborating with the Indian Pollinator Initiative, a consortium of Indian pollination ecologists to advance the research on Indian pollinators!

Indian pollinator initiative is a growing consortium of researchers interested in Indian pollinators. Parthiba Basu (Calcutta University), Hema Somanathan (IISER, Trivandrum), Axel Brockmann (NCBS-Bangalore), Vasuki Belavadi (GKVK-Bangalore), Smitha Krishnan (Bioversity International), Joby Joseph (University of Hyderabad), and myself make up into the founding team. It hosted several excellent talks by international pollination biologists, such as Dave Goulson, Paul Williams, Lucas Garibaldi, Christina Gozinger, Alyssa Stewart, Damayanti Buchori, Debora Smith, Xin Zhou, and myself. You can view these talks here.

We have launched a website for bringing you resources and ensuring your participation in the initiative. Please join us through www.inpollin.com