Ph.D. awarded

We congratulate Dr. Sangeetha Varma and Dr. Roshnath Ramesh for successfully defending their open defense and awarding Ph.D. degree!

Sangeetha has involved in our flower and pollinator watch programs and extensively studied plant-pollinator interactions in agricultural landscapes, and an author of excellent papers published by Oikos, Scientific Reports, Apidologie, Scientia Horticulturae and Current Science.. A couple more excellent papers are in making.

Roshnath is a popular wildlife biologist of Kerala and work for the welfare of water birds. He is committed for the conservation of water birds, migratory birds, and snakes! He has published his scientific articles in Current Zooogy, Ecological Complexity, People and Nature, Herpetological Journal, Journal of Natural History, Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity and so on. He is a coordinator of Malabar Awareness and Rescue Centre for Wildlife (MARC), an NGO committed for wildlife rescue and conservation.

A coffee table book published by Roshnath Ramesh. It provides an authentic information of the faunistic diversity of Kattampally backwaters, a potential site for community conserved area