Prashanth Ballullaya U.

I study the conservation issues the Sacred groves of Kerala and Kodagu faces through my Ph.D. research. I analyze the peoples’ perception on conservation of sacred groves and examine how biodiversity changes with the conservation matrix of the sacred groves. I use the diversity of litter insects to address it.

When I am not in lab or field I will be working with few NGOs for science popularization and engage in few youth empowerment programs. Whenever I get free time I like to travel a lot and interact with students as I am interested in Education policy studies and academic administration too. Occasionally I give career orientation and motivational talks, especially for graduate students.


U. Prashanth Ballullaya, K.S. Reshmi, T.P. Rajesh, K. Manoj, Lowman, M., Sinu, P.A. 2019. Stakeholder motivation for the conservation of sacred groves in south India: An analysis of environmental perceptions of rural and urban neighbourhood communities. Land Use Policy 89: 104213. (pdf)

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Book Chapter

Palatty Allesh Sinu.,Sangeetha Varma.,U.Prashanth Ballullaya.,G.Asha and Prabitha Mohan.(2016).Natural history and behavioral ecology of bees.In Palatty Allesh Sinu and K.R.Shivanna(Ed.),Mutualistic interactions between flowering plants and animals (pp.50-70).Manipal University Press.

Outreach and student activities

  • Electoral roll ambassador, representing Central University of Kerala during Special Summary Revision of Electoral roll 2013 by District Administration Kasaragod.
  • The General Secretary, Student’s Council, Central University of Kerala 2012-2013 and 2014-15
  • District Project fellow of Kerala State Biodiversity Board (People’s Biodiversity Register project)
  • Guest lecturer, Department of Zoology, Govt. College Kasaragod.
  • District co-ordinator, Swadeshi Science Movement, Kerala

Workshops attended

  • Workshop on “Pollination of flowers by insects from ecology to chemistry and behavior”,  9-13 January 2016, IISER Trivandrum
  • Post conference workshop in “Biostatistics: An introduction to R, 1st march to 3rd march 2016, Department of Animal science, Central university of Kerala.